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What are the requirements for riding in a Point-to-Point?
In order to ride in Point-to-Points you must be 16 years old and the holder of a Riders' Qualification Certificate (RQC), which is issued by the Point-to-Point Authority.

In the first instance, you will need to contact your local Hunt Secretary around October/November and ask for the relevant paperwork.

You are only eligible to apply for an RQC if you are one of the following of a hunt: a Master; a Member; a Subscriber; a Farmer; a Son/Daughter/Spouse of a Master/Member/Subscriber or Farmer; a Person who has paid a One Day Cap.

There are two types of RQC: a Full certificate and a Hunt Members Race certificate.

The full RQC entitles you to as many rides as you want, whereas the Hunt Members RQC only allows you to ride in one Hunt Members race (you need to have qualified with the relevant Hunt in order to ride in their Hunt race). Should you apply for a Hunt Members RQC you can always upgrade to a Full Certificate by paying the difference of the two. You are only allowed to ride in a total of three Hunt Members races each season.

A comprehensive guide called - "In The Saddle" that tells you everything you need to know about the Rules and Regulations of Point-to-Pointing for Riders is available to download below.

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Can anyone own a Point-to-Pointer?
The simple answer is yes, as long as you are 16 years old and are a Master, Member, Subscriber or Farmer of the Hunt that issued the Hunter Certificate.

Over and above this requirement, there is no formal registration of Owners in Point-to-Pointing.

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So how does the owners name get in the racecard?
When an Owner enters their horse, the entry form provides for the name of the Owner to be stated.

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What about the racing silks/colours?
As there is no registration of racing silks/colours for Point-to-Pointing (as there is for National Hunt or Flat racing) the basic rule is that you can run in any colour or combination of colour or designs you like.

That is why you will see some weird and wonderful designs on the Riders silks in Point-to-Pointing.  For example, a skull and cross-bones or even Mickey Mouse!

So how do the colours appear in the racecard?
When a horse is entered in a Point-to-Point, the entry form that an Owner fills out provides for the colours to be stated.

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