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South West

LARKHILL, Wiltshire. (1947)

Location: 5m NW of Amesbury, 10m N of Salisbury, nr A303, A345 & A360  view map

Area: Wessex; Sandhurst

Meeting(s): Hursley Hambledon - Saturday, 13 December 2014; Larkhill Racing Club - Sunday, 04 January 2015; Royal Artillery - Saturday, 17 January 2015; Combined Services - Sunday, 08 February 2015; New Forest - Saturday, 14 March 2015; Avon Vale - Saturday 28 March;

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Course Summary: Roughly triangular undulating galloping course; chalk soil normally gives good going even in the wettest weather, but can be firm in late season (watering is impossible). Bookies plentiful, car parking extensive and excellent (virtually go where you like); entrance and exit by long gravel track round camp avoiding armed guards. Generally good viewing from most parts though horses get very distant at far end of course. Has several early meetings and you need to wrap up well - no wind-break between here and Marlborough Downs almost 20 miles away.

Start Times, Admission Prices & Special Features: Details are available in Go Pointing, your free weekly guide to the weekend ahead - click here to download your copy. Up-to-the-minute going updates, meeting prospects or cancellations are available on TALKING POINT - call 09068 44 60 61, full rates and details available here.

Entries: Available on the site for Members on the Sunday or Monday before the meeting - click here to learn more about our two Membership packages. Non-members can view from the Friday before the meeting. Entries are also available in the Racing Plus newspaper, plus check Local Press for details. 


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