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03 April 2012 Scene & Heard Extra: Pointing Proposal

by Carolyn Tanner

Most people celebrate a winner by having a drink or two. Rob Keyes, owner of the Horseheath winner Thehookybooky, showed his delight in slightly different fashion.

Watching his horse being washed off and given a drink by his girlfriend, trainer Simon Stearn's daughter Hetty, in the lorry park, Rob suddenly dropped to the ground in the pool of water and, on bended knee, asked her to marry him.

Rob had discussed his intentions with Simon, namely to propose to Hetty on the day Thehookybooky won his first race, and fortunately was able to carry out his plan sooner than his future father-in-law had forecast. "You could be waiting a very long time!" Simon told him.

And by the way, Hetty accepted.

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