Jockey Club and Arena Racing Company partner on Point-to-Point video initiative

  • Posted: Wednesday, 31st October 2018

For the past two seasons The Jockey Club and Arena Racing Company have successfully collaborated to provide sponsorship of the weekly Racing Post Weekender supplement.

For the forthcoming season this valued partnership continues - but in an exciting new direction.

Throughout the 2018/19 season their generous sponsorship will drive video coverage of the sport on the national website - - by providing support to the Point-to-Point Racing Company's team of affiliated videographers, and also to the individual fixtures where this official video coverage takes place.

Their support will help greatly towards achieving our goal of nationwide video coverage of the sport, whilst also providing support to the grassroots.

Simon Bazalgette, Group Chief Executive of The Jockey Club, said: "The Jockey Club cares about Point-to-Point racing and will continue to do whatever we can to support the grassroots of our sport. We want to commission this content series because we'd love to see the characters involved in Point-to-Point racing brought to life and help the sport capture the attention of more people."

The Jockey Club considers Point-to-Point Racing as vital to the grassroots of Jump Racing in Britain, with many horses and jockeys going on to compete at UK racecourses and vice-versa. The Jockey Club supports Point-to-Point Racing in a number of ways, including through its sponsorship of The Jockey Club Mares Maiden Series. In addition, the winning mare is then offered a double prize money opportunity when next racing at a Jockey Club racecourse.

Sam Cone, PR & Communications Manager at ARC, said: "We are once again delighted to support the Point-to-Point scene this winter, and are very much looking forward to seeing the quality coverage of the sport that this new agreement will deliver online. We hope that it will allow fans to engage with the sport and help them follow the stars through the season."

Richard Fuller, Chairman of the Point-to-Point Racing Company, said: "The Point-to-Point Racing Company is incredibly grateful to The Jockey Club and Arena Racing Company for their continued support. We are confident that this new venture will be of great benefit to all involved in our sport."