Latest Fixture List with Amendments

  • Posted: Monday, 25th January 2021
  • Author: The PPA
  • Photo: Tom Milburn

Please find here a download of the 2020/21 point-to-point fixture list, with the latest amendments (as of January 28).


Providing government clearance is received, the March fixtures are all confirmed to run even if behind closed doors. In the unlikely event that one drops out, in most cases we have nearby reserves waiting to replace them.


From April onwards, the list has removed those fixtures which will not run under any circumstances. However, the remainder have different options on whether they will run with or without paying public. What we can confirm is that there is a very full list of fixtures willing to run without the paying public from Easter all the way through to the end of the season. Each month will be firmed up in advance as you will have noted we have been doing since October.

2020/21 Fixture List

BHA Regulation 34

Please also note that the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has agreed to an amendment to Regulation 34. Those horses which had registered hunter certificates by 1 Jan 2021 and then moved under rules, can return to pointing and run after 14 days (rather than 28 days as currently stipulated) providing the horse is moved within 14 days of resumption of point to points. This is for all horses that took out Hunter Certs by 1 Jan 2021 whether they ran in a point to point or not before the New Year. There will be no need to re-register, but checks will be done. This is a one-off for this very peculiar set of circumstances.

NB If you run a point to pointer in a hunters' chase, without sending the horse to a licensed trainer or permit holder, the horse can immediately return to point to pointing – see reg 34 (ii) and (iii). There seems to be a belief that once you go hunter chasing that’s it for the season - not true!