PPORA introduce new team member Rosie Brown

  • Posted: Friday, 25th August 2017
  • Author: PPORA
  • Photo: Hurworth Photography

We are pleased to announce that Rosie Brown, from North Yorkshire, will be joining the PPORA team for the coming season. Rosie will work with us on a project basis, and will organise the Grassroots Awards Lunch at Stratford on June 8th, 2018, as well as events in the North of England and Scotland.

One of the applicants for the PPORA Secretary role, Rosie is a relative newcomer to pointing. Throughout the process we were impressed by her passion for the sport, her involvement at local grassroots level, and her enthusiasm for a new challenge.

Rosie will work with us on a project basis, organising next year's Grassroots Awards Lunch, as well as PPORA events in the North and Scotland. Rosie plans to be out and about meeting members over the season, including at the Point-to-Point Owners and Riders Club meeting at Barbury Racecourse (provisional date, subject to BHA approval Sunday 26th November).

In the meantime we asked Rosie to tell us a bit more about herself...

How did you first become involved in Point-to-Pointing?

"It was through my partner (Yorkshire rider Phil Greaves) that I became involved in Point-to-Pointing, it was daunting at first not knowing anyone, and scary watching him. I have now settled in and feel like part of the furniture in my local area!"

…. and what is your first memory of pointing?

"I must admit, I was a ''late bloomer'' in the Point-to-Pointing world, and came to it not even having heard of it before – a memory that does stand out, and always will, is thinking 'How did I not know about this before?!''

…tell us about one of your more memorable or unusual Point-to-Point experiences...

"Playing host to the 'Donkey Derby' at the Hurworth Point-to-Point – a real crowd pleaser! I'm heavily involved in my local Point-to-Point and it was excellent to be able to showcase something completely different.

… as a relative newcomer what is it that you love about Point-to-Pointing - what makes it such a great sport?

"To put it simply – it's the sheer dedication of the people involved!"

…. how did you feel when offered the opportunity to join the PPORA team?

"Delighted – the opportunity is a fantastic one for me and I'm looking forward to helping the sport continue to grow."

…. and what are you most looking forward to about the new role?

"I'm excited to promote the PPORA on a national basis, to travel to different Point-to-Points around the country and see how it differs. Meeting new people and members will be good too; it will be good to get feedback from others around the country."

…. and if there wasn't any pointing what would you do instead?

"You won't find me far from a horse, whether it be on the hunting field, socialising, or enjoying a long hack out in the countryside."