NOTICE TO PARTICIPANTS: Passport must be made available when declaring a Horse

  • Posted: Thursday, 21st November 2019
  • Author: The PPA

BHA has relaxed the new procedures brought in last year as a result of Equine Influenza. However, all passports must be brought to the Declarations’ desk in order to declare for a race.

The Declarations Teams will check a random number of passports to check that the horses' vaccination dates are correct, and comply with latest BHA update. In that respect Regulation 36 in general remains extant except that the Vaccination date must be within NINE calendar months (e.g. 1 January – 1 October) (eight months plus a one-month grace period) of the day of the race rather than the year listed in Regulation 36.

NB The month's grace has now been extended in 2020, whilst BHA works with other countries to agree a new harmonised vaccination requirement for racehorses in Europe.

Further details can be found at: but the other key points are:

- Compliant EI vaccination within twelve calendar months will continue to be acceptable for horses NOT on racecourse property (e.g.) injured horses which are not currently racing

- There is NO requirement to submit information in advance – where necessary, passports will be checked by BHA staff upon entry to the Racecourse

- There is NO requirement to submit a Health Declaration Form or for a nasopharyngeal swab (PCR) to be completed