Owner & Trainer Protocol for making Entries with the Point-to-Point Racing Company

  • Posted: Tuesday, 5th November 2019

A must-read for those who make entries through the online Portal or over the phone with the team at the PPRC

With the first Entries closing date on Monday 11th November 2019 we have put together a few important pieces of advice for when you make your entries either through the online Portal or over the phone.

1. Please make yourself aware of the entries closing deadlines. Although for most meetings the entry closing date is the Monday prior to the day of racing at 12:30pm, there are several anomalies particularly surrounding public holidays and bank holidays.

The Closing date of each fixture is listed on the top of their Planner page, along with the Hunter Certificate Registration deadline…

2. Please make sure that you have read and understood the Conditions and Penalty structure of each race and that the horse you are entering is eligible for that race.

If your horse is ineligible for a race, we will contact you to advise you of this and refund you your entry fee, less a £4 handling fee.

We cannot move your horse in to another race if it is ineligible for the race that you originally put them in to.

3. If entering a PPORA Club Members race, the owner of the horse must be a member of the PPORA at ENTRY.

The PPORA Membership Year runs from 1st October to 30th September. All 2018-19 memberships have now expired.

You can join the PPORA:

Online at - (Up until 5pm on the Friday before entries close)

On your Hunter Certificate (owner membership)

On your RQC (rider membership) (if you are a first-season rider, select the option for free PPORA membership)

When entering a PPORA Club Members' Conditions Race online (owner membership)

4. If your Colours are not listed in the drop-down menu, or you already know that you will be using a different set of Colours to usual when you run your horse, please type them in to the 'Colour Amendments' box.

If you do not let us know this, your colours will not be able to be published in the racecard.

5. Payment can only be made by Credit or Debit Card and Weatherbys Account.

BHA Accounts are not an acceptable form of payment, and if you attempt to make your entry and submit a BHA Account number as the method of payment, your entries will be removed from their races.

Entries cannot be accepted without a valid payment method at the time of entry. Please make sure you have a payment method with you, particularly if you call to make your entries.

6. If making entries over the phone, please make sure you have signal and are safe and able to speak to us. There is a £2.50 surcharge on top of the entry fee if you choose to make your entries by this method.

The phone lines are always very busy so you may be placed on hold to wait. Please call in plenty of time of the 12:30pm deadline.

If the phone lines are very busy and you are placed on hold past the 12:30pm deadline, we will be able to take your entries as long as the phone call was made before the closing time.

7. When making entries online DO NOT close your internet browser until the entries have gone through and you have been redirected to the transaction history page.

You will be able to see a chronological list of all of the batches you have submitted via the website on the Transaction History page.

You can see whether the transaction has been paid and whether it has been processed.

Once the transaction is marked as processed the horses are entered in the races selected.

If a transaction has not been paid (if the credit card transaction failed or was cancelled) you can click on the 'Pay »' link to open the Credit/Debit card processing site again.

If you have any problems making your entries or any questions, please call us in the office on 01933 304795.

You can download a handy User Guide for the online Portal here; P2P Entries Guide