Sunday, 26th March 2017

Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent
at Penshurst, Kent

13:30 Hunts Members

3m 12st (7 runners)

Full result
1 Little Legend (GB) 7/4F Charlie Marshall
2 Stars Royale (IRE) 9/4 P. York
3 Fizzlestix (FR) 2/1 S. Roche
Time 6mins 51.0s
Distances ½, 2
Winning Trainer Cynthia Woods
Winning Owner Mrs C. Woods & Mr M. Haydon

14:05 SEH Club Members Conditions

3m 12st (8 runners)

Full result
1 Wither Or Not (IRE) 4/5F D. Peters
2 Brunswick Gold (IRE) 2/1 Stuart Robinson
3 Rocky Island (IRE) 16/1 S. Roche
Time 6mins 40.0s
Distances ½, ½
Winning Trainer Dale Peters
Winning Owner Mr D. Peters

14:40 Ladies Open

3m 11st (9 runners)

Full result
1 Goodnight Vienna (IRE) 4/1 Miss T. Worsley
2 Crack of Thunder (IRE) 2/1F Miss G. Andrews
3 Golden Milan (IRE) 7/1 Miss L. Wheeler
Time 6mins 36.0s
Distances ½, ½
Winning Trainer Lynn Redman
Winning Owner The Back Of The Car Club (Mr M. Redman)

15:15 Mens Open

3m 12st (4 runners)

Full result
1 Conkies Lad (IRE) 4/7F Charlie Marshall
2 Curraghbower (IRE) 7/4 R. Stearn
3 The Admiral Benbow (IRE) 8/1 S. Spice
Time 6mins 42.0s
Distances 20, 6
Winning Trainer Charlotte Marshall
Winning Owner The Glebe House Racing Club (Mr F. Marshall)

15:50 Connolly's Red Mills Intermediate

3m 12st (8 runners)

Full result
1 Carry On Asian (IRE) 16/1 Miss T. Worsley
2 Cheltenham Mati (FR) 3/1 P. York
3 Quick Oats (IRE) 5/2F Miss G. Andrews
Time 6mins 38.0s
Distances 2, 6
Winning Trainer Francesca Nimmo
Winning Owner Miss Carrie Tucker

16:25 Open Maiden

3m 12st (9 runners)

Full result
1 Poyntzpass (IRE) 2/1 E. David
2 Ernest Defarge (GB) 20/1 Miss T. Rait-Rattray
Time 6mins 45.0s
Distances runin
Winning Trainer Andrew Pennock
Winning Owner The Two Farmers and a Butcher Partnership (Mr M. Clarke)

17:00 Subaru Restricted

12st (12 runners)

Full result
1 Lickety Split (IRE) 7/2 W. Hickman
2 Knockedoutloaded (IRE) 3/1F Miss G. Andrews
3 Wonderful Present (IRE) 14/1 Miss I. Marshall
Time 5mins 28.0s
Distances 6, 30
Winning Trainer Philip Hall
Winning Owner Mrs P. A. Wilkins

Distances and Going supplied by M.Harris.