Saturday, 21st April 2018

Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent
at Penshurst, Kent

Going: Good, Good to Soft in the dip becoming Good to Firm

14:00 Open Maiden

12st (6 runners)

Full result
1 Bastante (FR) 4/1 G. Treacy
2 Shanoule Wood (IRE) 2/1F Charlie Marshall
3 Know More Oats (IRE) 5/1 R. Stearn
Time 6mins 37.0s
Distances 6, 20
Winning Trainer Richard Bandey
Winning Owner The Plantation Prosecco Partnership (Mr R. Bandey)

14:35 Conditions

12st (4 runners)

Full result
1 Danandy (IRE) 5/4 S. Roche
2 Little Legend (GB) evensF Charlie Marshall
3 Nouailhas (GB) 8/1 Miss B. Hampson
Time 6mins 35.0s
Distances 6, 30
Winning Trainer Karen Hobbs
Winning Owner The KP & The Nuts Racing Club (Mrs K. Hobbs)

15:10 Ladies Open

11st (4 runners)

Full result
1 Degooch (IRE) evensF Miss L. Pinchin
2 Sa Kaldoun (FR) 2/1 Miss L. Allan
3 Wor Rom (IRE) 8/1 Miss R. Grissell
Time 6mins 30.0s
Distances 8, 30
Winning Trainer Christy Mews
Winning Owner Miss C. L. Mews

15:45 Mens Open

12st (3 runners)

Full result
1 Lord Heathfield (IRE) 4/6F Lewis Stones
2 Adept Approach (IRE) 11/10 Charlie Marshall
3 Fond Memory (IRE) 6/1 J. Neild
Time 6mins 30.0s
Distances 6, runin
Winning Trainer Christy Mews
Winning Owner Andy and Sue Mews

16:20 Restricted

12st (3 runners)

Full result
1 Stars Royale (IRE) 2/7F Charlie Marshall
2 Lala's Sister (IRE) 3/1 W. Hickman
Time 6mins 47.0s
Distances 30
Winning Trainer Cynthia Woods
Winning Owner Mr R. Gurney & Mr P. Rhodes

16:55 Conditions (Vet & Nov Rdrs)

12st (3 runners)

Full result
1 Fountains Cider (GB) 7/2 S. Spice
Time 6mins 54.0s
Winning Trainer Stephen Spice
Winning Owner Mr Steve Spice & Miss Marie Bailey

17:30 Connolly's Red Mills Intermediate

12st (4 runners)

Full result
1 Le Fou Royal (FR) 8/1 S. Spice
2 Magic Symphony (IRE) 9/4 S. Roche
3 Haut Bages (FR) 4/5F R. Stearn
Time 6mins 50.0s
Distances ½, 5
Winning Trainer Brenda Ansell
Winning Owner Mrs B. Ansell

Distances and Going supplied by M.Harris.