Saturday, 16th February 2019

at Horseheath, Cambridgeshire

Going: Good, Good to Firm in places

12:00 Conditions

3m 12st (8 runners)

Full result
1 Summer Sounds (IRE) 5/2 Miss A. Stevens
2 Gunmoney (IRE) 13/2 J. Russell
3 Bingo Star (FR) 7/2 Jack Andrews
Time 6mins 01.0s
Distances 20, 1
Winning Trainer Francesca Nimmo
Winning Owner The Jackson-Stops & Fisher Partnership(Mrs J. Jackson-Stops)

12:35 Open Maiden 45&6yo

3m 12st (6 runners)

Full result
1 Smoke Man (IRE) 5/1 T. Chatfeild-Roberts
2 Un Huit Huit (IRE) 7/4 R. Collinson
3 Icallherkaytee (GB) 4/1 Jack Andrews
Time 6mins 11.0s
Distances 15, 10
Winning Trainer Helen Connors
Winning Owner Mr John Chatfeild-Roberts

13:10 Conditions Race for Novice Riders

3m 12st (5 runners)

Full result
1 Local Show (IRE) 2/5F William Humphrey
2 Back Bar (IRE) 6/1 Miss H. Cranfield
3 Amigo (FR) 6/1 J. Morrey
Time 6mins 07.0s
Distances 3, 6
Winning Trainer Sarah Humphrey
Winning Owner Mrs S. J. Humphrey

13:45 Ladies Open

3m 11st (4 runners)

Full result
1 Lord Topper (GB) evensF Miss F. M. Flinton
2 Oh Toodles (IRE) 2/1 Miss I. Robinson
3 For 'n' Against (IRE) 9/4 Miss I. Marshall
Time 6mins 12.0s
Distances 8, 2
Winning Trainer James Owen
Winning Owner Mr Mark Flinton

14:20 Mens Open

3m 12st5lbs (6 runners)

Full result
1 Thetalkinghorse (IRE) 4/5F T. McClorey
2 Ardkilly Witness (IRE) 4/1 W. Thirlby
3 Subtitle (IRE) 10/1 P. York
Time 6mins 05.0s
Distances s.h, 2
Winning Trainer Gerald Bailey
Winning Owner Mrs M. E. Moody

14:55 Restricted

3m 12st (6 runners)

Full result
1 Chapelier (IRE) 5/4 R. Collinson
2 Thomas Shelby (IRE) evensF A. Vaughan-Jones
3 It'll Be Grand (GB) 8/1 Darren Thomas
Time 6mins 12.0s
Distances 6, runin
Winning Trainer Andrew Pennock
Winning Owner Mr John Whyte

15:30 Open Maiden 7yo&up

3m 12st (7 runners)

Full result
1 Bardista (IRE) 2/1 A. Vaughan-Jones
2 Racing Eagle (IRE) 4/5F Jack Andrews
3 Lynda's Boy (GB) 8/1 Miss S. Walker
Time 6mins 14.0s
Distances ¾, 30
Winning Trainer Gerald Bailey
Winning Owner Mrs Alice Vaughan-Jones & Mr Gary Luck

Distances and Going supplied by M.Harris.